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“Shoot for the stars and you will at least reach for the moon!”

Here is a summary from the wedding last weekend:
We all enjoyed the most lovely late summer weather when we attended the wedding, no raincoats! I have taken some pictures that I will share with you. The new wedded couple and their daughters all looked amazing, and we all wish them a long wonderful life together and that they will live happy ever after! 


I told you that my plan was to sew a second dress in bright orange silk, however,
I did not manage to finalise it, and I am still sewing on it. I selected the Design Card 198, “Candlewicking Creations”, unfortunaletly I did not manage to finish in time, because I had to take care of a lot of new projects, that was a bit more important, like helping my daughter with her move to Sundsvall, “the Mid Sweden University”.  She was very happy to be able to attend a new programme starting this year in Criminology. She will study there for three years. Second of my children has left,
I miss her, but I am also very happy for her and of course very proud. Here is the detail of the dress. I will take a picture of the dress when it is finished, I promise!

How I love the changes of the seasons, we are now moving into fall. The days are becoming shorter and the temperature is getting a bit colder here in Sweden. The leaves on the trees are changing into red, orange and yellow. There is also more time to spend on sewing, as I do not need to drive the children to the lake for a swim, and the garden does not need any particular attention. So new season – new outfits!

I have started to plan what I want to sew for this coming season. I like to dress myself in layers, so I will sew some new tops, and cosy sweaters. I have fallen in love with the color purple, so I will try to find some new nice fabric in that color. (Of course I do have fabric in my stash that could be used as well, but I do not think it is purple.)

I will reveal a new HUSQVARNA VIKING® secret; I am going to sew on a new developed sewing machine to create my garments. When I sew I like to have a professional and perfect appearance of the outfits, and at the same time it should be a bit unique as well as getting it sewn very quickly. That is exactly what this new machine is perfect for. Next week I will be able to show you the new product line, I know you will fall in love with it too!

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    AKAIK you’ve got the ansewr in one!

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