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A pink bathrobe for Emma!

I was at a Birthday party last weekend! My youngest sister Nina has got two children that has birthday only four days after each other. This weekend we celebrated them both. Emma is turning six and her brother Marcus is now eight years old.

Both of them are weekly going to a swimming class, were they learn different swimming techniques like crawl, backstroke and diving. Most important is that they learn how to enjoy the water, and to be safe while doing it.

Emma made a wish for a bathrobe that she can use at the swimming class, so I bought one for her (a ready made) in her favorit color; Pink. I personalized it by adding her initial on the front “EP”, and her name “Emma” and a princess crown on the back. I made this using the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 4D Express Monogram Wizard.

On the front of the bathrobe I created, the EP, with an appliqué frame. For the appliqué I found a piece of white jersey (and I added an iron on stabilizer on the backside). It was easy to embroider, as I did only hoop a tear-away stabiliser, and used the “basting around the hoop” function.

Hint: To get the embroidery exactly where you want it, print the template, put the template in place on top of your project. Make a hole in the centre of the template and use the pictogram pen to make a small dot. Remove the paper and make a cross with the dot in the centre.

To decorate the bathrobe a little bit more, I added some small buttons around the frame of the initials. When sewing the buttons I used my HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND™ sewing and embroidery machine, but for some of them it was impossible because of the look of the button itself.

Here is how I did it:

  • Click on the SEWING ADVISOR® (select the button). The sewing machine will automatically bring down the feed teeth.
  • Remove the presser foot.
  • Put the button under the presser foot ankle where you want to add it.
  • Click on the presser foot down button to bring down the presser foot ankle on top of the button.
  • Bring down the needle in one of the holes in the button using the hand wheel.
  • Turn the hand wheel towards yourself to make sure that the needle will go down in the second hole, if it doesn’t increase or decrease the width to fit the holes of the button.

On the backside of the bathrobe, the embroidery is made by using a water soluble stabiliser as a topping. It will hold down the loops of the terrycloth, and prevent the embroidery from disappearing into the loops of the terrycloth fabric.

She loved her new bathrobe and wanted to wear it to pre-school the following morning. For her brother Marcus, I have bought a new t-shirt, that I will decorate with embroidery as well. Next time he’s coming to us, we will embroider it together. I think that will be really fun and I can’t wait to see which embroidery he will pick out of all the embroideries available.

Happy sewing!


PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

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