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Beautiful sewing project; found in Norway!

When I travelled to Norway, I did that together with my colleague Ingela, and we did it by car, as it is only 5-6 hours drive from Huskvarna.To travel in Norway is fantastic, the scenery and the beautiful landscapes by the fjords are outstanding. I can highly recommend it.

We introduced HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER RUBY™ sewing and embroidery machine, the new 5D™ Embroidery System and the Cutwork Needles for the Norwegian dealers. They also got a plan of what will be happening in the stores, during the next part of the year. I might get back to you later to share the sewing ideas, there are great, quick and easy projects to sew on the overlock! I took some pictures of sewing projects that I saw, and I love to get new ideas. (I did get their permission to show them here!)

A bag made by using the software module Inspira® 4D™ QuiltDesign Creator. It is made by Marit Johannesen, Tönsberg. She has been creating her own beautiful design in the software and then stitched it out on her embroidery machine.

It is great that you can use this software for a quilting robot as well as your embroidery machine! If you want to try how the embroidery will look like, find some free designs on the webpage!

A Coat, Made by Reidun E. Tanum. I am sure you agree this coat is looking fabulous. Reidun has selected 5 different fabrics, she told me she numbered them when she cut out the pattern pieces in order to have different combinations all over, and to make sure the same fabric was not stitched together. You can also see that she has decorated the coat with embroideries; the embroidery on the waistline is from HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #117, “Mega Borders”.

There is one piece decorated with the Yarn Couching Feet set and the Design Collection#207 “Decorate with Yarn”. Finally she did also use the 4D™ Embroidery Software, to create the text “I´m not afraid of heights” and the combination of the shoes. The shoes are resized from the original design and they are from an Inspira Collection, but now available both on myembroideries, and in the sample file of 5D™ Embroidery Software.

Beautiful and fun! It is easy to find them in myembroideries, by typing the word ‘shoes’ in the searchbox.
The inside of the coat is as beautiful as the outside. She has made a label and she has added a beautiful lace around the inside of the lining. I would love to make a coat like this! Time to start searching for fabrics!

Happy sewing!


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