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Walking on the edge!!!

February 5, 2010, Posted in Accessories, Embroidery, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

Not as dangerous as it might sound! I am talking about topstitching around the edges of garments, curtains or jeans.  

This week I thought it might be a good idea for you to see how I used the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Left Edge Top Stitching Foot, to finish my pyjamas from last week. You can see an image of the foot below or click here to read more about the foot in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® accessory catalogue. 

I used the inner right side of the foot to guide the fabric. Together with the underside of the foot, that is designed to glide along the folded edge, you will get a beautiful top stitch on your project. The great thing is that it does fit all HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing machine groups from 1-7 (please click here to read more about the machine groups in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® accessory catalogue).     


Look at the monogram above, which I created by using the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 4D™ EXPRESS MONOGRAM software . A very important detail in everything you sew is to change the sewing machine needle to fit the fabric and technique. On this silk fabric I switched to a thin Inspira Microtex 70 needle. Remember – needles should never be used more than approximately 7 hours to give the best result!

As promised I have also included the sewing instruction for the apron.
Download sewing instructions here (pdf)

Here is a little hint on how to sew the bias bindings on the apron: 

Use a small zigzag in the same color as the bias binding. Press the bias binding so that you have a little bit wider edge on one of the sides. That wider part of the bias binding is going to be folded to the backside of the apron, to make it easier to “catch” the edge of the backside when using a narrow zigzag (width and length at 1.5 – 2.stitched from the right side of the apron). 

Happy Sewing!

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

Sewing and embroidering this week!

January 29, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

To get to know the overlock practise on simple things, like making a T-shirt, sweater or pyjamas pants, Athina my youngest daughter, sew a pair of pyjamas trousers in flannel. She found that it was both easy and very nice to sew them on the overlock machine.It was her very first try on the overlock machine. My oldest daughter Johanna loves to sew on the overlock machine and she knows how to thread it too. To help you, if you ever run into trouble, we have put the overlock threading instructions on the web:      

Click here to come to the threading guides  

A silk pyjamas is one of the projects I have started. I have soon finished the trousers. I will only add the elastic and stitch the hem before I am done. I think it is a lovely color, “raspberry red”.  My plan is to sew a monogram on the pocket of the shirt. It is very lightweight, and it will look good when I wear it. I will bring it next weekend when I travel to London. (secret mission!) 

I did find more things in my basement, some old skirts that my mother sew when I was 15. The skirt is cut as a circle and it was fun to find that the same pattern was included in the new patterns magazines released this month in Europe. It might be due to the fact that the musical “Grease” is very popular in London and Stockholm now. My sister and I did have the same kind of skirt in yellow, but in different prints as you can see in the picture below.  


Lately I have been working on a lot of secret projects at work. I am excited and will share more with you a bit later, but I can tell you I am running the embroidery machine 10 hours a day at work with wonderful embroideries. All these embroideries will be included in marketing material later this year. Below you can see the fabric to one of the embroidery projects I am working on. I have embroidered on my HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND™ sewing and embroidery machine. It will end up as a vest when it is done. This is also one of the things I will bring to London next weekend. I will share how to create the embroidery later on.

My next sewing project that I will be working on for myself is a new cocktail dress. I am going to an elegant dinner and would like to look fabulous. I think I will make it in a turquoise satin. I will draw the pattern during this weekend and tell you more about it later.

During last week I got a request from one of the blog readers. I was asked to write some sewing instructions for the apron. I will write that and include it next week.

Have a great sewing week all of you!

Best sewing wishes

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

More Christmas gift sewing!

December 18, 2009, Posted in Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration, Seasonal, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

We have snow! I love it! It has been several years in a row without snow at Christmas, so I hope it will stay some days now so we can get a “white Christmas” this year.

I am working on some last minute Christmas gifts. My daughter Johanna have an apron on her wishlist, and I thought it would be very fun to sew one in the same fabric as the breadbasket. She is very fond of black, so I think she will love it. I sew her name on the apron using the HUSQVARNA VIKING®  4D Embroidery. There are so many beautiful fonts to choose from within the software.


Next suggestion for a quickly embroidered Christmas gift is a kitchen towel, or any towel you want of course. I bought a ready made and added Johanna’s Monogram on mine.

If you are like me, saving all small scraps, here are some other small things to create:

• Potholder, in a log cabin technique.

• A small quilted wall hanging. This one I bought in Japan. It was made on HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer SE.  Size is 5,5” (14cm) x 8” (20cm. )

• My colleague Karin made nice embroidery on a pillowcase also using the HUSQVARNA VIKING®  4D Embroidery.

this was all for this week. Now I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! now it’s time for a short blog break, but I will come back with new fresh ideas and news from HUSQVARNA VIKING® next year. Next update of the blog will be at the first week of January.

Best sewing wishes from Lena, and all of my colleagues here in Sweden.

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

Only for you – a free embroidery design!

December 18, 2009, Posted in Embroidery, Seasonal by  Lena Kantis

You are so lucky! This week I will give away an embroidery design as an early Christmas gift only for you! It is one of the embroidery designs that I really love and I have used it a lot. Look at this table setting for example:

I did sew a little mini Santa for each person coming to the Christmas Dinner in our house. It is sewn as a cone, and I think it is very cute. Under the bottom of the cone, I added a little text saying “Merry Christmas xxxx” (xxx= the name off the person), created with the 4D Embroidery software.  The Santa was multifunctional as it also positioned the people around the table. I am a genius!! (If I may say so myself).

Download the free embroidery design and instruction here!

For the table setting I also bought a big bunch of red napkins which I decorated with embroidery designs from the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#38 “Christmas”. Those can be used each Christmas, as they are washable.

It is fantastic to be able to set the table like this!

My sewn Christmas gift of this week is a little bag. I am creating this for my daughter that has moved out from our house. It will hold her aspirin, thermometer, plastic aid, noose spray etc. I can tell you this is something kids will not spend money on and as a mum I still think it is important to have if they get sick.

Best wishes and Happy December sewing!


PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

Embellish or embroider some of your Christmas gifts!

November 25, 2009, Posted in Embroidery, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

Have you ever tried the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embellishing machine ER10™? If you have, I am sure you have had a lot of fun. I will share how to create some small gifts or decorations with the embellishing machine. The small decorations can be used almost anywhere, to create a brooch or as a decoration to your christmas gift. Only your imagination can stop you here! See the pictures for some inspiration.


This is how you can do it my way:

Start by drawing a pattern on a water soluble stabiliser. I prefer the Inspira™ Aquamagic Dissolvable, as it is easy to draw on when using a pictogram pen and it is smooth to work on using the Embellishment machine I use different textures to add on the stabiliser like, wool, yarn, ribbons and threads.

Pull and shape the wool to fit on the shape you have drawn, and put it on top of the stabiliser. Start to use the embellishment machine and move the stabiliser, around under all the needles, and on the shape you are creating. Add more textures, like ribbons or threads; it will be nicely blended into the wool as a nice effect. Cut the outside edges of the stabiliser, and finally put the decoration in water. Sew the pin on the backside, by hand, if you want to use it as a brooch.


Here you can find five different video clips on how to use the Embellishment machine ER10™.If you haven’t tried an Embellishing machine yet, one word would be enough for it: Creativity!

If you have an embroidery machine here are even more of my ideas to be creative:

There are several embroidery collections, which are exquisite and quick to embroider. My favorite one’s for making brooches are: HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#84 Elegant Embellishments, HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#162 Blooming Flowers, and HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#184 Purse Pizzazz, which also (beside the brooch design) contains embroidery, designs to make beautiful purses in the hoop. Nice to match with any outfit you are sewing and you only need a fabric piece big enough for the embroidery hoop.

I will continue sewing my Christmas gifts. I have already started with sewing a “bread basket”. I will present it to you next week.

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).


    Lena Kantis
    I have my office in Sweden, but I do also travel worldwide to teach and to share the Joy of Sewing. The Sew Fun! blog, is sharing all the latest HUSQVARNA VIKING® news, regarding all our sewing products. Lot of inspiration, videos, and pictures for you to get inspired by! Happy Sewing!

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