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New Year & New Fantastic Sewing Adventures!

January 15, 2013, Posted in Home Dec, Inspiration, Quilting, SewFun! Blog, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

I hope you have had time to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family. During the holidays I have been sewing new curtains for my kitchen, and for for my sons kitchen too! Here you can see my new red curtains for my kitchen.

The Husqvarna Viking team have been working with a surprise for some time, and you will enjoy it a lot, I am sure!

A NEW fresh wonderful and ”Sew Much Better” Husqvarna Viking homepage!

Among the new great features you will find:

  • The perfect match tool! All you have to do, select: Your area of sewing interest + your sewing level + what kind of sewing you wish to do = the perfect Sewing Machine for you!
  • There will be a new superb overview of all the Husqvarna Viking accessories. It’s really great as the accessories, will help you to get the very best sewing result effortlessly.
  • A support area where you will be able to download the Husqvarna Viking PDF manuals, I know you have been asking for it!
  • Much more inspiration! With for example a User Gallery which allows you to upload and share your own sewing creations and get inspiration and ideas from other Husqvarna Viking family members.


 I will be ”off duty” this year and will be sewing in China, working on some secret projects, to learn more, and to bring in more of the contemporary art in my work.  I will spend time to explore at lot of creative sewing. If you want to see some work of my tutor Linda Kemshall please click here. Here is a wonderful quilt that she has been making: “Storm at Sea” a combination of piecing and painting with free motion quilting and fabric pastel highlights. (



Sew Fun! Blog is changing to “Joy of sewing!” Blog

While I’m working on my “secret” projects you have to stay tuned with the Blog. With the new Husqvarna Viking website the blog will be renamed to “Joy of Sewing!” Blog and it will be written by my colleague Carina Thavelin.

She will take you behind the scenes of what we are working on in the office, and share tips and hints of sewing with her own personal touch. The new blog pages will still give you many possibilities to get sewing inspiration and a lot more. So make sure to change your bookmarks and follow Carina while I’m in China.

If your country has not yet released the new website when you read this blog post, it will before end of March. So please hold on a little while and you’ll see something new really soon…

Before I leave you I have myself nominated the most crazy thing I have sewn, to share with you!

A coffee filter!

I was desperate one morning, I had run out of coffee filters and I am a coffee addict.

By the way: Sweden is the second most coffee drinking people in the World and the stores in Sweden are not open 24-7. I did come up with the idea to sew one by using tear-away stabiliser on my overlock machine. Why not? Here it is!


Have a Happy Sewing Year 2013!

Thank you and ”sew” long Lena.

Santa Claus is coming to town!

December 14, 2012, Posted in Downloads, Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration, Overlock, Seasonal, SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

We are getting closer, Santa will be here soon! Have you sent him your wishlist? If you have missed the Husqvarna Viking® Gift Guide, I have added it here, it is fun and easy, create your own wishlist and send it to your facebook page, your blog or as an email. Click here to find it.

In the Husqvarna Viking® Gift Guide, we have a Baby Hat pattern that you can download. Click here for the printable  pattern and click  here  for the sewing instruction.

See how cute little Freja is in the hat made in Fleece!

Note: On this little hat we did only fold the edge inside and used an overlock stitch on the sewing machine to finish the edge! Remember with sewing nothing is wrong- it will only be uniqué.

I have decorated my home here in China a little bit. See my pictures how it did turn out. One Swedish Santa in China and my Dimentional Decorations. Happy with how they turned out.

On Sunday I will fly back to Sweden with my daughter. Back in the office next week to see what they are up to. I will let you know!

Happy Sewing!



Love the Holiday Wonderland!

November 19, 2012, Posted in Accessories, Design Collection, Downloads, Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration, Seasonal, SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

Can you believe it? Well I guess it´s not a suprice that we are moving towards the Christmas Holidays?

I know all of you must have seen the Christmas items in the stores for some time. We were out on a Sunday walk yesterday, and there we could see big Christmas decorations outside the shopping mall.

Husqvarna Viking® Holiday

Find Holiday inspiration and ideas of what to sew, what you can wish for or what to give to your sewing friends, we have created a Husqvarna Viking®Holiday Gift guide! Find the sewing category that is your kind of sewing, and see some of our new Husqvarna Viking® sewing machines, accessories and embroideries, that will fit you. (Or do as I did, click on one at a time to see all of it!)It is possible to create your own wishlist and share it on Facebook, by email or on your own blog! Find Free embroideries, patterns, projects and more, all to help you get started sewing for the Christmas Holidays! Click here to find it!

This year, as I am in a new home, I will be sewing some Christmas decorations, and I will of course sew a Chritsmas presents too. I will start with these, from Husqvarna Viking® design collection #163 Dimentional Decorations.I think towels with cute embroideries are nice to have in a home as it makes it more personal, and it is a very quick present to make too.Here are some towels that I love. The embroideries are the Inspira collection # Snowman.

I will also sew new Swedish Santas to keep here. They are coming from the HusqvarnaViking® Design Collection #137 ”Swedish Santas”.

If you want to see more what is available you can for sure find more inspiration and ideas in the Husqvarna Viking® Embroidery Design Collection catalogue. Click here.

I think it would be a great idea to gather your sewing friends and sew together during an evening or a weekend it is ”sew” fun!

Happy HolidaySewing!




Home dec projects in a new Moroccan tile style!

August 18, 2012, Posted in Design Collection, Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

Sweden, Greece and China, I am lucky to have been able to spend time in several countries with my family during this summer. Now I will get back to work in my office and will have nice memories from my vacation.

There are still many countries that I have never visited, but can dream of! One is Morocco, and I imagine something like “thousand and a night”.

The new Husqvarna Viking® Design Collection,  #248 – “Moroccan Tiles”, is super nice if you are going to sew and embroider new home decoration projects.

The effect full designs that are made to be combined in to fantastic creations, inspiration for this collection came from the all so popular Moroccan tiles that can be found in exclusive stores.

They can be made as colorful tiles; each color is appliqued, using small pieces of nice colorful fabric. However the designs can be sewn in one color as well, leaving out the applique.

If that is not enough- you can turn the designs in different combination, by rotating them. I think it is  like kaleidoscope, and there for you get many combinations of the embroideries, that will turn out differently!  The pouf to sit on is wonderful! I took the pictures in our Husqvarna Viking store at our office.

Combine to get your personal preference! Fun, creative and playful!

Happy sewing!



Quick tablecloth!

June 25, 2012, Posted in Accessories, Home Dec, SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

To add more personality, make your sewing project in your favorit color and joyful fabrics.

Our apartment in China was already furnished when we moved in. To make it more personalised I have started to sew some small items. First thing, is this table cloth in my favorit color turquoise. I cut all pieces 5 inches by 5 inches and created a small square.

I will add a thin layer of batting and have a dark blue fabric as backing. I will “stitch in the ditch” with the Husqvarna Viking® Presser foot “Clear Stitch-in- Ditch Foot # 412927446.
An excellent foot to use for clear visibility and sewing in the ditch.

Here is the instruction in the online Husqvarna Viking® accessory catalogou, on how to use it!

Select page 61!

If you live in Sweden, you can participate in a sewing competition !
Find out more here:

Great prices to win!
Happy Sewing!


    Lena Kantis
    I have my office in Sweden, but I do also travel worldwide to teach and to share the Joy of Sewing. The Sew Fun! blog, is sharing all the latest HUSQVARNA VIKING® news, regarding all our sewing products. Lot of inspiration, videos, and pictures for you to get inspired by! Happy Sewing!

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