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Let me Show you!

December 3, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration, SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

It is a true joy for me to help out with information regarding questions that I receive from you dear readers of the “sew fun” blog. The topic this week is to clarify how to embroider the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection # 214 “Towel Magic”.

Before starting the embroidery prepare the following:
Hoop a water soluble stabiliser, such as the Inspira® Dissolve- A –Way Max. Use the pictogram pen to draw a little mark at the center of the top of your towel.

I simply love these wonderful embroideries. I have changed the colors of the embroidery in HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery, to fit the Holiday season, but please note that if you do that, do not color sort, as it will take away the stops, that’s needed for the basting stitches etc.

The “Magic Towel” design collection has got embroideries that comes in different sizes, with combinations that are to be used to embroider the hanger as well as a matching border at the lower edge of the towel.

I could not resist sewing another one, and for the second towel I selected the embroidery from It is “sew” cute.
Note: This collection was made a few years ago, so it does not have the basting stitches that are now added in the HUSQVARNA VIKING Design Collection #214 “Towel Magic”. However it has two alignment stitches to show were to add the towel, so no problems!

Sew a Holiday Ready Home:
This week we are sharing a new instruction and that is how to sew a “Trio of Decorative Pillows”.
If you have difficulty finding the boiled wool, I suggest that you use another woven material, such as satin, silk or any fabric of your choice.  I believe it is more the colors that make the difference.

Happy Sewing!


PS If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week please send an email to:

How great to have a grandmother like Kerstin!

July 1, 2010, Posted in Accessories, Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

Before jumping into the projects of this week, I am now very happy to be able to show you a sneak peek of the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing and embroidery machine and now you can even see some small parts of the dress I talked about last week. Click here to have a look >>

Kerstin is one of our sewing experts in the sewing studio here at the office in Huskvarna creating many of our sewing projects for machine launches. Kerstin has a loving grandson she usually picks up once a week and they have a cosy afternoon together. Kerstin always makes pancakes for Oscar when she has picked him up, and I am sure that he loves to be with his grandmother.

Last week, Kerstin started to teach Oscar how to sew! With time he will be very skilled, and on top of his private lessons with Grand Mother, he will be going to take textile lessons in school. Sewing will be a new exciting experience. As you can see in the pictures, Oscar is doing fantastic. He practiced sewing on several of our sewing machines. He learned how to embroider and he also tried our overlock machines.

Oscar and Kerstin created the most fantastic pillow with an embroidery of a red sports car.  This car is a design from the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #159 called “Wheels for Everyone”.

Inserting the zipper was done by using the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Narrow Zipper Foot, (4125657-45). You can see in the pictures how Kerstin taught Oscar how to pin the zipper in place before sewing. In the Accessory Catalogue you can find instructions on how to use the foot on page 20.

Thanks Oscar and Kerstin for sharing your sewing. I can’t wait to see what will come next!

My sewing will be displayed later, as it is still a secret (a fantastic and innovative new embroidery collection from HUSQVARNA VIKING®!). I have taken pictures and will share them with all of you in August when the embroideries are available. Until then I will be sewing in Greece with my mother in law. We gave her a HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing machine for her 70th birthday, and let me tell you, she has never ever been happier about a present before. It will also be useful for me as I have started plenty of sewing projects to be able to have some new outfits for my trip to US in July.

I will be back with a new update later in July just before I will travel to the US and I wish you all a fantastic “sewing” during this summer!

Relax and have fun!


If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please contact me at email:

Sweet Dreams!

May 21, 2010, Posted in Home Dec, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

Thank you Rasmus for being my guest blogger last week! I did enjoy seeing your sewing projects, and your apartment. Looks fabulous! It is fun to see.

I have started to re-decorate one of our bedrooms at home. Athina wanted to have a bigger bedroom when her big brother moved out. We have been moving around beds, and it ended up with having two single beds together in this room as big as a King size bed. So the bedroom that she wanted had this big bed. When granny visited us before Christmas she said: who has got married? (In Greece, where Athinas grandmother comes from, you do not get a bed of that size until you are married. Maybe it has changed, but granny is from a generation that has that built in in their minds)

Well, to make the room more attractive, Athina wanted to have pink curtains. She does also want to have lots of pillows in the bed so I bought her a round long pillow, at the biggest Swedish furniture store; you know the blue and yellow!

It didn’t bought a cover for it but wanted to sew one myself for her. I picked a wonderful white, fluffy, almost like rabbit fur fabric. The cover have to be washable, so I inserted a zipper.

How to sew the cover for a round long pillow:
1. Measure the length of the pillow. (Add seam allowance).
2. I rolled the fabric around to see how much I needed for the width.
(Add seam allowance).
3. Finally calculate the round area; the pillow I bought is 25 cm in diameter. As you can see I did use a plate with the diameter of 26 cm

4. Cut the three parts. One for the long area, and two circles.
5. Use a three thread or four thread overlock stitch around all the edges of the three pieces.

6. Measure and put your zipper on the long piece, see picture. I had a zipper of 60 cm for my pillow and that is 80cm, so I left 10 cm on each end.

7. Time to insert the centered zipper. I did follow the steps, presented in the animated film in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing room.
8. Select straight stitch, stitch with a straight stitch, length 2.5. when you reach the first pictogram mark, use the Fix, to tie off, select straight stitch length 6 mm or  “Baste” on your Sewing Advisor. Baste the zipper seam, until you reach the second pictogram mark, sew the remaining seam with a straight stitch, length 2.5 and tie off by using the Fix button to finish

9. Press seam allowances open. Place the right side of the zipper to the wrong side of the seam.
10. Select zigzag. Adjust width to 6.0. Lower the feed teeth. Sew in place with a few bartacks with an inch or so apart.
11. Turn the cover right side out. Select straight stitch.  Snap on Zipper Foot E to the right of the needle.
12. Start stitching across the bottom of the zipper. Pivot and sew the right zipper side. Hint! To prevent the fabric from pulling, sew both sides of the zipper in the same direction.
13. Snap on the presser foot to the left of the needle. Sew across the bottom again and sew the left zipper side.
14. Remove the bartacks and basting.
15. Remove the basting stitches, and open the zipper.
16. Pin the circles, right side to right side of the fabric, and stitch around with straight stitch, length 2.5. using the A-foot. Note, you need to have the zipper opened, in order, to be able to turn it to the right side.

17. Turn the cover, right side out. Put it on your pillow and it is ready.

If you have a fabric that will shrink, do wash it before sewing the cover!

The bed will be great with this new pillow, Athina will dream sweet dreams! I am sure you will be able to sew this too! 

One more hint: If you do not prefer a zipper- of course it will be easy to use Velcro instead!

Happy Sewing!


PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send Lena an email: (English only).

Great fun with free-motion yarn couching!

May 12, 2010, Posted in Accessories, Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis


My name is Rasmus and I am a collegue of Lena. I am the guest blogger of the week and will be filling in for Lena as she is away this week travelling. Some previous projects of mine can be found below in the blog under “The Wedding Gift!” (Mars 19) and “Vive Moi!” (February 12).

When I first saw the cool HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery collection #212 Majestic Cutwork (avaliable on I knew I wanted to make something different with it. At that time I had some boring curtains I had bought at the store, and I decided to try to use this embroidery collection to make myself some new curtains and matching pillows.

As this embroidery is built for having areas cut away where the material behind can shine through I decided to go for black (faux leather) for my curtains and then have a lime green plain curtain behind. The machine first marks up where to cut and after one has done so (watch out so you don’t cut the plastic stabilizer) it puts a satin border above it.

I then made pillows in the same style by using the same embroidery, and other smaller separate pieces from the same collection. Instead of cutting out the intended parts I just hit the “stop” button and let the machine do the work while I busied myself with other things!

While I was quite proud of myself for making these items I got my steam up and decided to make myself some more pillows in the same colors by using the awesome Yarn Couching Feet Set! After setting the machine to free-motion and loading the yarn into the hooks on the backside and into the foot it’s all just great fun. It looks almost like liquid silver (depending on what yarn you choose I guess!) when you sew the yarn to the project in high speed. I made one black pillow with silver yarn and one green with black and silver yarn to go with the curtain and the other pillows

I like the results of my efforts, and I really enjoyed the professional looking result of the embroidery collection and the great fun of free-motion yarn couching!

You should definitely try it out yourself!


PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send Lena an email: (English only).

Sharing my findings!

March 5, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

Having a big house is both good and bad. Good when it comes to having a big family and lots of friends staying over, bad when it comes to keep it tidy and organised.  Due to this I can find things that I have not seen for some time. We have during a long time put a lot of stuff in cardboard boxes, and taken them down to the basement for storage. Now I am trying to organize a fitness room in our basement so therefore I have to try to get rid of some old things, to get more space to be able to workout.

To give you a bit more of background for my sewing samples of the week, I guess it is probably best to first tell you the following. In Sweden we do decorate our windows. I do not know any other country that I have visited, that is paying so much attention to how the windows are looking. We have curtains in all kinds of looks and fabrics. In all our windows we also have plants in pots, and also some small lamps that we use during the evenings when it gets darker. We usually change curtains for each season and holiday. Especially in the kitchen!

These are things I found in the basement:

One quilt, the very first I made over twenty years ago in Bargello technique, both fun and easy. In the background you can see curtains with the print of Harry Potter; I sew them at a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. This used to be my son Simon’s room. He has now got a bigger room as my other son Emil moved out. 

For Emil’s room I made this curtain, which was also used as drapes, because there were no blinds in the window when we moved into the house. I added the appliqué with the giant shark half a yard (45 cm) long approximately. Inside the appliqué there is an iron on batting.

To give you a bigger understanding for what I mean with the Swedish window decorations, I have added some pictures from the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #204 “Elegant Art Embroidery” as well as a few ones from HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #178 ”Mega Décor”.


You can make your windows look totally unique too.

Have a great sewing week!

Best wishes

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).


    Lena Kantis
    I have my office in Sweden, but I do also travel worldwide to teach and to share the Joy of Sewing. The Sew Fun! blog, is sharing all the latest HUSQVARNA VIKING® news, regarding all our sewing products. Lot of inspiration, videos, and pictures for you to get inspired by! Happy Sewing!

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