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Raising Flowers!

October 15, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

At least in Sweden that is totally the wrong season for that, but I am not talking about real flowers, we have a new very exciting HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Design Collection # 225 Raising Flowers, to share with you.

It’s three dimensional flowers, wonderful to use for decorating. Use it as a brooch on any of your garments, on a bag or on your home decorations. I love the way Carina has used the flowers on a lamp shade, it is absolutely beautiful.

 My colleague Karin has made a bag and you can see that this embroidery has got the satin stitch around the edge.

I have added plenty of pictures so you can see the steps how to create them. I embroidered the flowers on three different kinds of fabric.

What is so special is that you have the option to choose whether you want the flowers to be stitched with a raw edge, i.e. a running stitch as a finish or if you prefer a satin stitch around the petals. I would say that it does depend on the fabric as well, how it will behave with a raw edge.

The tips of the week!
All HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery design collections can easy be viewable from the Online Embrodiery Catalogue. (You can find the link to the catalogue on the embroidery collection page). If you are looking for something specific, you can click on the search button and type what you are looking for, and the catalogue will suggest the embroidery collections that match your search.

Happy Sewing until next week!


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Make more use of your embroidery designs!

October 14, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Embroidery Software, Inspiration, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

To decorate your garment with embroideries, when you sewing a new jacket for instance, you can create a super cool personal look. Use any of your favorit embroideries. They can be transformed in so many ways. I wanted to share how I decorated a jacket I made a couple of years ago.

I selected one Flower Design from HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #125 ”Funky Flowers”, and I sewed the embroidery on the left side of the jacket. To add more, I wanted to pick some pieces of the embroidery design and add it on the collar as well as below the first embroidery. A template was used to draw some wavy lines with a pictogram pen, and those lines were stitched with a reinforced straight stitch to make the lines more visible. If you are good at drawing you can of course draw a freehand wavy line. Finally I stitched some beads on the embroidery designs, which can be done on the sewing machine, if the hole of the bead is not too small. I did that with only the sewing machine needle, not using any presser foot. You can use tweezers to hold the bead.

Edit any of your favorit embroidery designs by using the possibility in HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery Extra and select the pieces you need. I prefer to use the polygon select as it’s really easy to use.

The pictures are showing the left and right side of the collar and the left front of the jacket. Finally I also embroidered my name inside the jacket.

Kerstin is expecting a new grandchild (her second), and she has been preparing a lot the last weeks. In Sweden the most common thing is that we don’t find out beforehand if it is a boy or a girl. We prefer to be surprised. So therefore Kerstin does not know if she will get a grandson or a granddaughter, well how can she prepare then? Here is a sample of what she has done. One pink and one light blue hat. Only one of them will be used by the new baby!

Happy Sewing!

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See what you can create by using your imagination.

October 8, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

I have a very good friend, Carina, and she is also a colleague of mine. She is a really talented tailor, and she is sewing most of her outfits herself. See how she has embroidered an accessory to enhance her outfit. It does consist of several free standing embroideries from the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection # 217, “Precious Crochet”.

I think it looks fantastic! don’t you think so too?

The embroideries are sewn on water soluble stabiliser and she has used 30 weight cotton threads in both top and bobbin.  I would also recommend using an Inspira Top Stitch Needle size 75, which has got the larger eye. Carina used three different designs from the collection and then stitched them together with a small zig zag after arranging them in a nice way.

Another way to do the same thing is to combine several embroidery designs by using the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 4D™ or 5D™ Embroidery Software. I have made a combination for a Necklace and will stitch it out as one embroidery. You can see that the designs are slightly on top each other, that means they are stitched together nicely and I do not need to sew them afterwards.

I found one small embroidered crochet design that I had done earlier, so you can see how it looks when it’s a separate embroidery.

Today I will cut out a new dress, in a super cool fabric. It is a nice wool. My plan is to sew it during the weekend.

Happy Sewing!

Decorative Stitches and Needle Effects.

September 3, 2010, Posted in Accessories, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

France was wonderful. I was only away for three days, if I count the total travel, but it is always such a great happy feeling and energy to get to see new places, as well as the people and my friends in the sales company.

And a big WOW for me was when managed to travel on my own with train and bus from Avignon to Marseille Airport. The first thing that happened on this trip was that the lady in the ticket office said this to me: – I do not understand any English. I simply had to use my poor French and managed to get the person to understand what I wanted. (I certainly need to practise my French a bit more, it’s such a beautiful language.)

This week I am going to prepare for my next trip and that will be to Drammen in Norway, near Oslo. There I will have workshops and a presentation of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery System for the Norweigan dealers. I will make some more samples before I go, so I will need to start to sew the embroideries now. I have forget to tell you about the videos in the 5D Learning Center. They explain many of the features of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery System.

The dresscode for the Nordic sales company meetings are going to be sewn clothes in a color code of: Black, white and red. However we can sew anything we like, which is good! I have decided to create a jacket and a new dress. I hope I will get them both done by next week. (Remember always shoot for the Stars – and you will always get at least to the moon.)

The jacket is going to be embellished with decorative stitches sewn with a twin needle. I thought it could be a good idea to let you see what you can do by using different kinds of sewing machine needles. (There are many more needles to choose from in your store!) Here are some of the different possibilities:

• Inspira Wingneedle.

Wing needle is great for decorative hem stitching on tightly woven natural fiber fabrics. The “wing” creates small holes by separating the fibers, when used with hemstitches, like the entredeux stitch.

• Inspira Top Stitch Needle.

Can be used in the same way as the Wing needle, and it will create holes that is slightly smaller than created by the Wing needle.
It’s great when you want to hem a pair of jeans using a heavier jeans thread or cotton thread.

Note: You need to have a stabiliser underneath the fabric when you use any of those two needles.

• Inspira Twin Needle.

I have taken pictures of my test piece of different stitches using the twin needle, and a detail of a blouse we made for the HUSQVARNA VIKING® H|CLASS E10.

My sample is showing how I will decorate my jacket on the edges and sleeves.


I also use the Stretch Twin needle for hemming sweatshirts and t-shirts in knitted fabrics. It gives the final touch to a garment.

There are many different sizes of twin needles to choose from. From Twin 1.6/70 up to Twin 6.0/100. Select size depending on the weight of your fabric, and wanted look. (Choose a Stretch Twin Needle for knitted fabrics.)

Note: Make sure you select Twin Needle Safety on your sewing machine if it has got that feature. It will, once you selected your Twin needle width, limit all the stitches to that width to prevent damage to your needle. Attach the B-Foot, and use the manual for instruction how to thread the sewing machine for two threads.

If you havn’t tried those different needles before, you should. It will create a nice and personal look.

Have a great sewing week until next time!

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5D on my mind!

August 27, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

I have been waiting so for letting you know about the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery System. No I can finally tell you more! I have been part of the developing process of this new embroidery system and as a member of the team I have been part of creating the marketing material and sewing samples and that is great fun. (I know; I love my job!) I hope you like what you see of this new Software system both feature-wise and the marketing material and sewing projects!

This week I will show you some of the new features in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery™/ HUSQVARNA VIKING®  5D™ Embroidery Extra. One of the new functions is called “snap to” and that is a great new thing. What it does is; when you have one embroidery on your work area selected and want to add a text above, or around the design, you click on apply and it will automatically snap to the design, so you do not need to move it to the center of the embroidery design. Very neat! The same thing is happening when you use the frames, as long as the design is selected, the frame will be snapping to the design you have on the work area. It’s magic!

Included this week is the Sewing instruction for the Quilt tag: Made with Love by Mom.
Click here to see the instruction >
You can easily make changes for your own tag; change the colors to fit your sewing project and select any of the 119 pre digitized fonts, to make it look the way you want.

There are a lot of new embroidery designs included in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D Embroidery Software package! See on the sample above. It was made for the aprons on the 5D™ Embroidery package.

Another highlight  is the Encore using Shapes! Use any of the 20 different shapes that goes with the 5D™ Embroidery, and play with your designs, it’s fantastic. Here is an example so you can see what it looks like.

I will be coming back to the 5D™ Embroidery system further on in my blog, with more of how to work with the new features in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Design Creator.There are so many new cool things to try out.

Kerstin 60 years!’

Kerstin have been sewing most of the sewing samples for the 5D™ Embroidery system. She had her 60th birthday last week, and was out of the office on vacation. Here is how we prepared her office for her return.

We put embroidery threads on her whole desk and on top the sewing machines, and we also put a mannequin with a wig as chair, so when she showed up, she was very surprised to find a person sitting on her chair.

Hope you like my idea to sew the sweets with a four thread overlock stitch to create a decoration. I was in a hurry when I sew it otherwise I think it would have been even better if I would had used a ribbon to add in the stitch. It can a perfect Christmas tree decoration too, don’t you agree?

This weekend I will travel to France, and be part of a Dealer meeting in Avignon. My main task will be to present the 5D™ Embroidery System!

Happy Sewing!

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    Lena Kantis
    I have my office in Sweden, but I do also travel worldwide to teach and to share the Joy of Sewing. The Sew Fun! blog, is sharing all the latest HUSQVARNA VIKING® news, regarding all our sewing products. Lot of inspiration, videos, and pictures for you to get inspired by! Happy Sewing!

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