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Happy New ”Sewing ”Year

December 30, 2010, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

New hopes, new wishes, and a lot of new sewing inspiration are what we will look forward to for this coming year. In Sweden we have had the coldest winter in 110 years. Extremely cold weather with lots of snow, look forward to the spring with the sun and a bit less cold weather. Here is a picture of my house, lot of snow as you can see.

Anders was kind to send a picture of the boys wearing the outfits he had sewn. He says:
-“The boys love their new outfits. I must say it was an enormous satisfaction to see them get dressed with the clothing I had been sewing. They love to wear it! In my opinion, more people should try to sew their own clothes.”

 During the days off I have taken some time to read fashion magazines, and I find outfits that I like and details that can be added to the sewing that I do, I save the ideas in a little notebook. Great way to remember small details to add on my own projects. (You can also draw details in the notebook.)

Do not forget to vote for your favourite sewing project at the Sewers Choice! Gallery. Pictures of sewing projects from sewers all around the world are now live on our Sew Your Home Holiday Ready site. You can vote until January 3.

Happy New “Sewing” Year!


From All of Us, To All of You – a Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2010, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

Hope you all will have a fantastic holiday, with time to relax and enjoy time with your family and friends.

I found this beautiful mini- Christmas Tree- at the Swedish Sales company offices, simply love it! It has been decorated with a lot of hearts. The hearts all look different, with decorative stitches. Love it!

Wish you will have a time to spend with friends and family. I am very happy that my children have come home to spend some time with us. My sister and her family will come on Friday (as we celebrate Christmas Eve in Sweden), together with my parents.

During the holidays I will finish the projects that I have started. I have told myself to finish them before I start anything new.

Rasmus made a pillow case yesterday, with lettering from the 5D™ Embroidery system.

Kerstin has finished a beautiful top in a hot pink color. She has added lots of decorative stitches, and she did also add a Bobbin Lace at the bottom of the sleeves. It is from the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #223, Bobbin Lace.
She said: “So that I can be seen!”

It’s is now time to vote in the Sewers Choice! Gallery. Pictures of sewing projects from sewers all around the world are now live on our Sew Your Home Holiday Ready site. Get inspired by sewing photos and vote for your favorite. You can vote until January 3.

Happy Sewing!

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Exciting time!

December 17, 2010, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

Holiday season is getting closer, but there is still time to sew some Christmas gifts. Before I went home from the office yesterday I made a cover for my iphone (it could fit an Ipod as well). It only took one hour to complete, not bad.

You can find the pattern here.

What else have been going on this week?
Anders has moved on to the next step, and have now bought a black sweatshirt fabric and today he has cut the pieces to get started with the sewing. He has decided to embroider on the sweaters, next week we will see more! The construction will be made on the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Huskylock™ S25, our great Overlock machine.
Next week I will ask him to give some comments!

Carina is sewing a Christening gown for one of our colleague’s daughter. The fabric is silk, and it has got beautiful embroideries. On the yoke, she has embroidered HUSQVARNA VIKING® “Delicate Embroideries” #232. The lettering has been created in HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery Software, the name of the baby girl is added together with the date of the Christening, and at the bottom edge of the dress is a fantastic poem: “Happiness too great to explain”. I love it.

Sew a Holiday Ready Home!
I am very excited by the fact that the 10th of December, is today, and you can now upload pictures of your own Holiday projects. (Pictures can be uploaded from the 10th until the 19th of December.) We look forward to see what you have been sewing. I have decided to give away 10 small gifts to the first ten people that have uploaded pictures of your holiday sewing. The important thing is to send me an email after you have uploaded your pictures. Send an e-mail to:

Happy Sewing!


Let me Show you!

December 3, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration, SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

It is a true joy for me to help out with information regarding questions that I receive from you dear readers of the “sew fun” blog. The topic this week is to clarify how to embroider the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection # 214 “Towel Magic”.

Before starting the embroidery prepare the following:
Hoop a water soluble stabiliser, such as the Inspira® Dissolve- A –Way Max. Use the pictogram pen to draw a little mark at the center of the top of your towel.

I simply love these wonderful embroideries. I have changed the colors of the embroidery in HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery, to fit the Holiday season, but please note that if you do that, do not color sort, as it will take away the stops, that’s needed for the basting stitches etc.

The “Magic Towel” design collection has got embroideries that comes in different sizes, with combinations that are to be used to embroider the hanger as well as a matching border at the lower edge of the towel.

I could not resist sewing another one, and for the second towel I selected the embroidery from It is “sew” cute.
Note: This collection was made a few years ago, so it does not have the basting stitches that are now added in the HUSQVARNA VIKING Design Collection #214 “Towel Magic”. However it has two alignment stitches to show were to add the towel, so no problems!

Sew a Holiday Ready Home:
This week we are sharing a new instruction and that is how to sew a “Trio of Decorative Pillows”.
If you have difficulty finding the boiled wool, I suggest that you use another woven material, such as satin, silk or any fabric of your choice.  I believe it is more the colors that make the difference.

Happy Sewing!


PS If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week please send an email to:

Chicken Feet!

November 26, 2010, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

No I am not kidding; I have actually bought chicken feet. Why? Because it was available and I thought they looked fun! I likeed the way it can add something new when it comes do some decorating. I bought it in the leather factory in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I intend to sew a belt using the chicken feet skin as decoration.

Sew a Holiday Ready Home
This week I added an appliqué for the cutwork tree skirt if you want to sew appliqués instead of the cutwork embroideries. Karolina has helped me to come up with a good drawing that is not too complicated to sew as and appliqué. Note that it is not perfectly symmetrical; you have an arrow that shows you which part of the star tha should be pointing up.

Select to sew the appliqués in printed cotton fabric or use any scrap of fabric that you like to use. See my pictures how to sew it. Add a double sided iron on stabiliser to keep the cotton fabric in place and it will also make the sewing of the appliqué stitches easier.

I selected this stitch  but again, there are many to choose from, try on a piece of scrap to see which you like best.
Download the image here >>

Here is a sample, with a printed cotton fabric, and another appliqué made using a scrap piece of wool. Choose the option that fits you the best. Remember nothing is wrong when it comes to sewing- it will only be unique.

I look forward to see what you are sewing. I am certain it will be looking fantastic.

Johanna is spending a week at home. She came with me to the office one day this week and spent it embroidering gifts for one of her friends that have helped her a lot. She embroidered penguins on towels. The penguins can be found on

Until next week!

Happy Sewing

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    Lena Kantis
    I have my office in Sweden, but I do also travel worldwide to teach and to share the Joy of Sewing. The Sew Fun! blog, is sharing all the latest HUSQVARNA VIKING® news, regarding all our sewing products. Lot of inspiration, videos, and pictures for you to get inspired by! Happy Sewing!

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