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Cutwork in the easiest way!

Posted By Lena Kantis On 20 August, 2010 @ 12:40 In Embroidery,Inspiration | 1 Comment

Wow, I can´t stop! Today I have started using the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Cutwork Needle kit [1], and the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Collection #230 “Easy Cutwork”. [2]I haven’t tried it earlier as I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop once I start.

The new “Easy Cutwork” design collection is very generous – it includes many designs: 10 designs for the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Large Hoop 240×150 [3], 11 designs for the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Endless Hoop 170×100 [3]and 21 bonus elements complementing the other designs. Follow the instructions in the booklet that comes when you buy the whole collection and you will find how convenient it is to sew the beautiful cutwork designs.

The designs can be used without the Cutwork Needle Kit. However, be aware it involves a lot of small areas to cut by hand.

My sewing projects:
In the office I started try on a linen fabric, and I think it looks fabulous. So I brought a piece of the fabric with me home to wash it before I start with the embroidery just to make sure it won’t shrink later on. (I do not want it to become too “small” for me!)


At home I started a second project. The second fabric is a medium weight knit, in a deep brown color, suitable for the fall. Hope you can see the wonderful cutwork areas with the decorative honeycomb stitches in the cutwork area. I have not decided what I will make out of this yet, I cut a big enough piece for a skirt, or a part of a top. It will be some kind of a garment anyway.


Helene, has made a top in a softer knit, in lightweight knit fabric. She also made a fantastic bag with one of the bonus designs from the collection. Great to use when going to the beach for example. Note: The embroidery is sewn on heavy transparent plastic (I bought that in a craft store.) You can also sew on vinyl, paper, leather and suede.



Barbara used the stand-alone embroidery designs to create a bracelet and she did also add them on her shoes. Fun, fun, fun!


I have included more pictures our embroideries, the white linen fabric looks so amazing, and the design is very special because it has got alignment stitches in all four corners so you can create as large embroidery as you want. I think that would look astonishing on curtains or pillows. Don’t you think so too?


My suggestion before you go ahead with your project is:
Take a piece of the fabric that you are going to use for your project, and try both the embroidery and wash away the water soluble stabiliser. It is a well invested time. You might need to add an additional iron-on stabiliser suitable for your fabric, because if the fabric is too soft/lightweight, the satin stitches will not stay on the edge when you wash it.

If you sew the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER™ RUBY [10] dress, it does come with fantastic cutwork embroideries, and of course you can use the Cutwork needles also on these designs. Hint: the embroidery does look great in only one color too.


Remember, always; clean the bobbin area after you are done embroidering!

Have fun sewing!

PS If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week please contact me at: lena.kantis@vsmgroup.com [12]

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