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Decorative Stitches and Needle Effects.

Posted By Lena Kantis On 3 September, 2010 @ 02:03 In Accessories,Inspiration | 9 Comments

France was wonderful. I was only away for three days, if I count the total travel, but it is always such a great happy feeling and energy to get to see new places, as well as the people and my friends in the sales company.

And a big WOW for me was when managed to travel on my own with train and bus from Avignon to Marseille Airport. The first thing that happened on this trip was that the lady in the ticket office said this to me: – I do not understand any English. I simply had to use my poor French and managed to get the person to understand what I wanted. (I certainly need to practise my French a bit more, it’s such a beautiful language.)

This week I am going to prepare for my next trip and that will be to Drammen in Norway, near Oslo. There I will have workshops and a presentation of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery System [1] for the Norweigan dealers. I will make some more samples before I go, so I will need to start to sew the embroideries now. I have forget to tell you about the videos in the 5D Learning Center [2]. They explain many of the features of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery System.

The dresscode for the Nordic sales company meetings are going to be sewn clothes in a color code of: Black, white and red. However we can sew anything we like, which is good! I have decided to create a jacket and a new dress. I hope I will get them both done by next week. (Remember always shoot for the Stars – and you will always get at least to the moon.)

The jacket is going to be embellished with decorative stitches sewn with a twin needle. I thought it could be a good idea to let you see what you can do by using different kinds of sewing machine needles. (There are many more needles to choose from in your store!) Here are some of the different possibilities:

• Inspira Wingneedle.

Wing needle is great for decorative hem stitching on tightly woven natural fiber fabrics. The “wing” creates small holes by separating the fibers, when used with hemstitches, like the entredeux stitch.


• Inspira Top Stitch Needle.

Can be used in the same way as the Wing needle, and it will create holes that is slightly smaller than created by the Wing needle.
It’s great when you want to hem a pair of jeans using a heavier jeans thread or cotton thread.

Note: You need to have a stabiliser underneath the fabric when you use any of those two needles.

• Inspira Twin Needle.

I have taken pictures of my test piece of different stitches using the twin needle, and a detail of a blouse we made for the HUSQVARNA VIKING® H|CLASS E10 [4].


My sample is showing how I will decorate my jacket on the edges and sleeves.


I also use the Stretch Twin needle for hemming sweatshirts and t-shirts in knitted fabrics. It gives the final touch to a garment.


There are many different sizes of twin needles to choose from. From Twin 1.6/70 up to Twin 6.0/100. Select size depending on the weight of your fabric, and wanted look. (Choose a Stretch Twin Needle for knitted fabrics.)

Note: Make sure you select Twin Needle Safety on your sewing machine if it has got that feature. It will, once you selected your Twin needle width, limit all the stitches to that width to prevent damage to your needle. Attach the B-Foot, and use the manual for instruction how to thread the sewing machine for two threads.

If you havn’t tried those different needles before, you should. It will create a nice and personal look.

Have a great sewing week until next time!

If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please send an email to: lena.kantis@vsmgroup.com [8]

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