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Embellish or embroider some of your Christmas gifts!

Have you ever tried the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embellishing machine ER10™? If you have, I am sure you have had a lot of fun. I will share how to create some small gifts or decorations with the embellishing machine. The small decorations can be used almost anywhere, to create a brooch or as a decoration to your christmas gift. Only your imagination can stop you here! See the pictures for some inspiration.


This is how you can do it my way:

Start by drawing a pattern on a water soluble stabiliser. I prefer the Inspira™ Aquamagic Dissolvable, as it is easy to draw on when using a pictogram pen and it is smooth to work on using the Embellishment machine I use different textures to add on the stabiliser like, wool, yarn, ribbons and threads.

Pull and shape the wool to fit on the shape you have drawn, and put it on top of the stabiliser. Start to use the embellishment machine and move the stabiliser, around under all the needles, and on the shape you are creating. Add more textures, like ribbons or threads; it will be nicely blended into the wool as a nice effect. Cut the outside edges of the stabiliser, and finally put the decoration in water. Sew the pin on the backside, by hand, if you want to use it as a brooch.


Here you can find five different video clips on how to use the Embellishment machine ER10™.If you haven’t tried an Embellishing machine yet, one word would be enough for it: Creativity!

If you have an embroidery machine here are even more of my ideas to be creative:

There are several embroidery collections, which are exquisite and quick to embroider. My favorite one’s for making brooches are: HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#84 Elegant Embellishments, HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#162 Blooming Flowers, and HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#184 Purse Pizzazz, which also (beside the brooch design) contains embroidery, designs to make beautiful purses in the hoop. Nice to match with any outfit you are sewing and you only need a fabric piece big enough for the embroidery hoop.

I will continue sewing my Christmas gifts. I have already started with sewing a “bread basket”. I will present it to you next week.

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

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    Right on-this helped me sort thigns right out.

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