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Endless fun!

Several questions were asked about the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Endless Hoop, so I wanted to give you some additional information on how to work with it and why it is so great to have!

To work with the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Endless Hoop, you need to have a software version in your embroidery machine that does recognise the embroidery hoop, so it is included in the list of available embroidery hoops. All of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer series machines can be updated online.
Go to the machine updates page to get the latest update!
How to use the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Endless Hoop, step by step:
(This example shows how to do it on the DESIGNER DIAMOND™, but it is very similar with all the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer machines and the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Platinum 950E).

1. Sew the first embroidery. The last stitch that is created is the alignment stitch. This is the most important stitch to keep track of!

2. When the embroidery has finished, and the Designer Diamond is asking if you want to clear the screen, click on the close button (Cancel – do not clear the screen).

3. Open the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Endless Hoop, and pull the finished embroidery away from you.

4. Keep the fabric and stabiliser aligned with the ruler on the right side.

5. Click plus, on the stitch count, two times. First time it is recognising the hoop and the second time it is moving to the alignment stitch.

6. Bring the needle down by turning the hand wheel, exactly on the alignment stitch, and tighten the hoop.

7. Tighten the fabric, and stabiliser, and press the start button again.

8. Run as many embroideries as you need for your project.

Pictured here is the newest HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection# 208, “Endless Cotton Lace”. I have sewn one insertion lace to add on a dress that I am making, and I have sewn the edge lace to add around the hem of the same dress. The two laces are matching buddies! I will sew more of these, because they are wonderful. A little hint is to use the Top Stitch needle, size 90, which has got a larger eye, as the embroideries are made for 30 weight cotton thread.

I did find another small Easter project I did teach here at the office when I was new employed. We had an internal training on the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Designer I, which was the top of the line embroidery machine at that time. A fantastic embroidery machine, I still remember how fascinated I was, when the embroidery was running, I was sitting next to it drinking my coffee and watching the cursor on the interactive screen, how it was moving as the embroidery was growing on the fabric.

This is what I created then – A quick little pot holder. It says “Happy Easter” in Swedish on it. The embroidery design is coming from HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #4, “Holidays”. As you can see I have used it a lot in my kitchen during the Easter. Since the Easter holidays already is over for this time you can always create a pot holder with any embroidery you like or create one like mine and use for next Easter.

Kerstin has finished a coat this week, and it looks fantastic on her. Here is a little picture of how she did adjust the hem of the lining. She put the dress form on our iron table, and did make sure it had a perfect length.

Here is how the finished coat is looking on Kerstin. No doubt, when you are sewing your own garment, you will be able to get a garment that does fit your own body.

Happy sewing!


PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

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