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Final lap!

Hope you are keeping calm and enjoying this last week before Christmas. I think sewing does give me some relaxation, and I enjoy to create my ideas. We do not have any snow yet, some are very happy for that and some are of course dissapointed! Especially if they want to practise skiing. Some of my friends are going to ski the  ”Vasa loppet”. A skiing competition of 90km! (almost 55.9 miles!)

Must say that I wonder what you are sewing? You are more than welcome to post it on the Husqvarna Viking® Official Facebook page!

 If you did open the HusqvarnaViking® Holiday Calendar,  we put a pattern in the Christmas Calendar- Day 12, here are the instruction.  First a picture of the baby hat!

Husqvarna Viking® Christmas Calendar # 12- Hat Instruction

Here is how to sew the little baby hat. Size is 9-12 month.

If you want to use it for a child a little bit older, add more seam allowance. Cut out the pieces and measure on a hat that does fit your child to compare.

If you are planning to decorate the little baby hat with embroidery or an appliqué, you will do that before you sew it. The embroidery on the sample is from an Inspira™ collection # 102

“Flower Fun”. Put the pattern piece above the decoration until you will be happy with the placement.


  1. Sew the dart and iron it towards the back.
  2. Put the two pieces right side together and sew from A to B.
  3. Add binding on the edge. Cut a 1 1/2 inch, (4 cm) wide strip, long enough to go around the hat. Stretch it a little to make the hat fit the baby better and mark where it comes together add ½ inch (12mm). Sew the edges of the binding together right side to right side.
  4. Fold the ribbing in half wrong sides together and pin it on the hat with a few pins.
  5. Sew the ribbing all around the hat with an overlock or a stretch stitch on your sewing machine.  Make sure to take out the pins as you go on the overlock!



Happy Sewing!


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  1. Posted 8 February, 2012 at 09:52 | Permalink

    the pattern for the baby hat- How much does the pattern need to be enlarged in order for it to fit a 12 month old child?


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