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Great News! – Out on a Business Trip

 I am part of several projects at my work at HUSQVARNA VIKING® and for one of those projects I had to go on a business trip this week. Of course this is one of the times when I’m panicking a bit about what to wear since I always feel that I don’t have enough fun (new) outfits. Because of this I went right ahead to create a few things before I left.
I started by creating an embroidery. A “luggage tag”, in a purple colour from an absolutely wonderful new embroidery collection called “Hoop, Sew, Go” (#215), which I absolutely love! I made the back side a bit different (as I have a very bad hand writing) by using the 4D embroidery software to write my name and address with the font category “Decorative” and the using font “Chance” 10-40 mm. To the left you can see the result!

To extend my trip wardrobe I also bought some new tops, that quick and easy can be personalized with embroideries and get a totally different look in just a few minutes. I used my HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND™ to sew a lot of beautiful embroideries while I packed my things needed for the trip. The embroidery collection is a new collection called “Precious Crouchet” (#215), and they are sewn on water soluble stabiliser. I tested two different water soluble stabilisers and found that “Inspira, Aqua Magic™” Dissolvable Stabilizer gave the best result. After I had washed the embroidered piece I placed it on the neckline of a new T-Shirt. To match the clothes I also made a bracelet using the designs included in the embroidery collection called #13 and #23.

The secret!
Last time I mentioned that I had some great news to share from within the HUSQVARNA VIKING® factory and now I am “sew” happy to be the first one to tell you about it. HUSQVARNA VIKING® is releasing a new line of overlock machines as we speak! I’m so excited as well as all my colleagues. The overlock machines have innovations that focus on ease of use and professional results. I love to use the new overlock machines, and I have since some time back used the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCK™ s15 and it’s so fast. It sews 1200 stitches per minute which you can never beat on a regular sewing machine! The result is really professional and neat. Everybody who ever sews should have an overlock machine. It is such a great complement to the regular sewing and/or embroidery machine. I would never ever want to be without one!

The new HUSQVARNA VIKING® overlock machines are the two new models HUSKYLOCK™ s21 and HUSKYLOCK™ s25. (The numbers are referring to how many stitches you can use on the different models.) There are many great features on the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® overlock machines and below is what I find especially attractive with the s25 model: The new Graphic Touch Display where you can see the stitch, in actual size, and in any kinds of adjustments before you sew. The Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR®. Simply enter the type of fabric you are sewing and the settings will be set automatically. The sewing advisor will tell you “everything you need to know to sew”; the best stitch length, differential feed, the thread tension for the chosen stitch, recommend needles and more to give you a perfect result. The HUSKYLOCK™ s21, is offering a great value for any sewer, because beside the 2-, 3- 4- and 5-thread stitches, it has got Coverstitch wide, narrow, triple and Chainstitch.

I look forward to finish my bed cover for my king size bed by using the new extension table that is coming with both HUSKYLOCK™ s21 and HUSKYLOCK™ s25 and I will definitely have use for the large sewing space! I also think both of the new machines have a wonderful soft and gentle sound. Don’t forget to visit your nearest dealer to try them out!

I have been sewing on overlock machines for a long time. I bought my first overlock machine in the 80s when I got my first child as I wanted to sew baby garments in knits. I bought several yards of navy striped jersey and made sweaters for me, my husband and my little baby. The biggest difference from back then compared to now is the animated threading guide which goes with the machines and can also be found on the HUSQVARNA VIKING® website. It is doing wonders to help! This is the easiest way of learning how to thread the machine and it gives you lots of answers on how to set and use the overlock. No more guesswork!

Tip of the day!
The fastest way to get a new trendy garment is to ask your friend, when she is showing up in a nice new sweater, if she would lend you the sweater she is wearing for five minutes. You put it on a pattern paper and draw the shapes of the design. Next step is to adjust the size, by using the pattern you normally use to create a sweater, to fit at the shoulders and neckline. By using the pattern mentioned above you can match it to the shoulders and neckline.

This is how we used to do in the 80´s: We laid ourselves on top of the paper and created a pattern to use for a sweater or a cardigan. We sewed it on the overlock machine and then added the shoulder pads.

Here is how it looked when I made the pattern – easy! 

It took less than 15 minutes to sew it.

Next week I will tell you more about using overlock stitches to decorate a top I created on the new HUSKYLOCK™ s25. So make sure to be back next week to see it finished!

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