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New Year & New Fantastic Sewing Adventures!

I hope you have had time to relax and enjoy time with your friends and family. During the holidays I have been sewing new curtains for my kitchen, and for for my sons kitchen too! Here you can see my new red curtains for my kitchen.

The Husqvarna Viking team have been working with a surprise for some time, and you will enjoy it a lot, I am sure!

A NEW fresh wonderful and ”Sew Much Better” Husqvarna Viking homepage!

Among the new great features you will find:

  • The perfect match tool! All you have to do, select: Your area of sewing interest + your sewing level + what kind of sewing you wish to do = the perfect Sewing Machine for you!
  • There will be a new superb overview of all the Husqvarna Viking accessories. It’s really great as the accessories, will help you to get the very best sewing result effortlessly.
  • A support area where you will be able to download the Husqvarna Viking PDF manuals, I know you have been asking for it!
  • Much more inspiration! With for example a User Gallery which allows you to upload and share your own sewing creations and get inspiration and ideas from other Husqvarna Viking family members.


 I will be ”off duty” this year and will be sewing in China, working on some secret projects, to learn more, and to bring in more of the contemporary art in my work.  I will spend time to explore at lot of creative sewing. If you want to see some work of my tutor Linda Kemshall please click here. Here is a wonderful quilt that she has been making: “Storm at Sea” a combination of piecing and painting with free motion quilting and fabric pastel highlights. (



Sew Fun! Blog is changing to “Joy of sewing!” Blog

While I’m working on my “secret” projects you have to stay tuned with the Blog. With the new Husqvarna Viking website the blog will be renamed to “Joy of Sewing!” Blog and it will be written by my colleague Carina Thavelin.

She will take you behind the scenes of what we are working on in the office, and share tips and hints of sewing with her own personal touch. The new blog pages will still give you many possibilities to get sewing inspiration and a lot more. So make sure to change your bookmarks and follow Carina while I’m in China.

If your country has not yet released the new website when you read this blog post, it will before end of March. So please hold on a little while and you’ll see something new really soon…

Before I leave you I have myself nominated the most crazy thing I have sewn, to share with you!

A coffee filter!

I was desperate one morning, I had run out of coffee filters and I am a coffee addict.

By the way: Sweden is the second most coffee drinking people in the World and the stores in Sweden are not open 24-7. I did come up with the idea to sew one by using tear-away stabiliser on my overlock machine. Why not? Here it is!


Have a Happy Sewing Year 2013!

Thank you and ”sew” long Lena.

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