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One design – “sew” many options to create a personal look!

Sewing and embroidering is giving us all an opportunity to create a look that is totally unique. This week I wanted to let you know, that a fantastic new Design Collection # 219, Romantic Cutwork, including Endless embroideries, by HUSQVARNA VIKING® has been launched at, and you will ONLY be able to get them through!
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At MyEmbroideries you can download/purchase embroideries at any time 24-7, and that is so convenient. When you buy a design (or several) you’ll also get the booklet as a pdf-file with all the embroideries pictured in natural size. That is great, because then you can print out a design on paper and cut it out and see how it will look like on your sewn project and if it is the size you are looking for.

The new HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #219, Romantic Cutwork, is right on the spot when it comes to trendy designs. Romantic outfit is one of the biggest trends this spring. Layers and lace are delicate and very beautiful.

Let me show you, how three persons here at the office have applied these new embroideries on some sewing projects.

I start with Helene. She is the artist and creator of this beautiful design collection. Her style is very romantic, with a lot of lace. She has sewn the embroideries on white tulle. A lot of them have got the same color on the fabric and on the embroidery; tone in tone which is lovely, delicate and exquisite. I want to sew them too! Helene would like to give you another tips too: “You don’t even need to sew your garment; you can buy a ready made and do the embroideries on it. This is how Helene did with a simple white top.”, just as I did with the top to the right: says Helene.


Next person is the sewing expert, Kerstin. She is creating this light blue top in a linen fabric, also with a tone in tone embroidery. It looks fabulous as well – I am sure you agree.


Finally it is my own creation: I am sewing a dress, and I am not scared of playing with colour! My absolute favourite colour is turquoise and today I am sewing it on a lime green silk, which has got a turquoise warp. I have also started to sew an underskirt in tulle with exactly the same design as Helene did with white on white.

Don’t be scared to change colors, and play with your own ideas. Make your sewing projects reflect who you are!

Best sewing wishes

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

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