Will Cook for Shoes

February 28, 2011, Posted in Embroidery, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

Since last week I have been in Stockholm for a couple of days, to be attending a layout-software class! I will now be able to create PDF files of my sewing projects with nicer layout etc. It was super cold in Stockholm (felt like Siberia), and a lot of snow. I cant wait for the spring now! How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?

I asked the Sewers choice award winner with the fantastic project “Christmas Butterflies”, which was the voted as number one worldwide, if she would be willing to share any of her sewing projects with us, and she was!

So I am delighted to present Claudia Shaw from Florida, USA.

I love this apron, and I love shoes too! Claudia is writing how she created the apron:

“Here is one of the projects I wanted to share. I used the shoe design from the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ embroidery software samples, changing the size and colors, and selected the font for the lettering. I printed out templates in order to get the placement the way I wanted it. I cut the fabric for the ruffle, finished one edge of it with a three-thread narrow overlock, and did a rolled hem with a wave stitch on the other edge, then used the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Ruffler attachment to gather it evenly, and applied it to the apron hem and the pocket top. The apron was a Christmas gift for a dear friend who loves to cook, and also loves SHOES!”

Thank you “sew” much Claudia for sharing.

I am working on creating new sewing samples, it is breathtaking with great new features that will be included in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ embroidery software coming later this year! You will love it too.

Until next week - Happy Sewing

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Here and there!

February 18, 2011, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

Norway was fantastic; it is such a great inspiration to get together with woman that all share the same interest. As promised I took some pictures for you.

Here is Marit F Johannesens quilt, it is beautiful; the center part is created by using the 4D Quilt Design Creator and the strips have been added in the hoop created as embroideries, by digitizing the running stitches to apply the fabrics. As you can see she is a master! What do you think?

Small purses to use for coins or make up (or basically anything that would fit in it), is the second thing I have taken pictures of.

have also been on a quick tour to Europe this week. Flew to Germany as it was the easiest way to get to the city in the Netherlands were I had a meeting. The meeting took place in a museum, an old lace factory. I took this little movie using my cell phone. The machine is creating bobbin lace. Pretty neat.

In the museum I found this treasure: a very old Singer instruction book on how to create Art Embroidery and Lace. The first edition of this book was written 1922.

Spring was definitely on its way in Europe. Some people at the hotel drank the coffee on the veranda. Fantastic!

Until next week!

Happy Sewing!

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From All of Us, To All of You

February 15, 2011, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

New hopes, new wishes, and a lot of new sewing inspiration are what we will look forward to for this coming year. In Sweden we have had the coldest winter in 110 years. Extremely cold weather with lots of snow, look forward to the spring with the sun and a bit less cold weather. Here is a picture of my house, lot of snow as you can see.

Anders was kind to send a picture of the boys wearing the outfits he had sewn. He says:
-“The boys love their new outfits. I must say it was an enormous satisfaction to see them get dressed with the clothing I had been sewing. They love to wear it! In my opinion, more people should try to sew their own clothes.”


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February 11, 2011, Posted in Embroidery, Quilting by  Lena Kantis

Tjoho! is my unordinary way of saying; Good Morning when I meet people in the morning! It is fun, and everybody is looking happy when I cheer in the morning.

This week has been hectic; you can not imagine all things we are working on. We have had visitors from several countries, as we all work as a team, to get our products to be the best, and implement suggestions that we gather from you and our fellow sewers.

As a special treat, I am happy to share a fantastic quilt that has been designed and created by my colleague in the United Kingdom, Jamie Warren. I think this “Texture Hoop Quilt”, looks fabulous, and he has done such a great job with creating the border around the quilt to become perfect in size.

The Husqvarna Viking Design Collection #220 “Textured Quilting” has been used in only a few colors which do make this a master piece. I can only hope that he will share more projects when I see him again in the beginning of March.

Now I have packed my suitcase, and I am heading for Norway and will be in a fantastic city by the name of Bergen, this weekend. I am going to be part of a big customer event in a quilting shop. I will try to take some pictures for you.

Next week I will do my best to be part of making a small video on how to work with one of our new Husqvarna Viking Design collections. We have bought a better camera and plan to make more videos so it will be even more easy to use our products. Hope you will be back to see it.

Until next week,

Happy Sewing!

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Sewing Stars!

February 4, 2011, Posted in Embroidery, Home Dec, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

I had a fantastic day in Copenhagen, (Denmark) this week. I spent Wednesday teaching the sewing stars the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ certification classes, dressed up in the white shirt I got last week in London. I felt very happy and got lot of energy from this especially as they all had wonderful creative garments and quilts that they had sewn and showed me. Here are some pictures that I took.

Look at this coat which Lone Krogh has been creating. She has been very creative, using the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Yarn Couching Feet set and the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Ribbon Feet set. Added to that she has also used the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ embroidery system to cut out pieces of embroideries that she liked and changed the colors of the embroideries, all details are made to make it very personal. Love the pop up appliqués and the way she has used both tone on tone embroideries, as well as a lot of colors on the other decorations. I think it speaks for itself!

This colourful quilt is sewn by Lis Wedervang. She has been using Kaffe Fassett fabrics. She attended a class he taught and she was inspired to sew this quilt.

In the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collections we have two collections that have been designed by Kaffe Fassett. Here is another inspirational picture for samples we have sewn in Huskvarna. On the quilt you will find the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection#82, “Garden of Delights” (Art# 920081096).


    Lena Kantis
    I have my office in Sweden, but I do also travel worldwide to teach and to share the Joy of Sewing. The Sew Fun! blog, is sharing all the latest HUSQVARNA VIKING® news, regarding all our sewing products. Lot of inspiration, videos, and pictures for you to get inspired by! Happy Sewing!

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