Greetings from Iceland!

November 18, 2010, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

It is my first trip to this amazing country; it does not look like anything I have ever seen before. I can see the mountains far away at a distance, with lots of snow. It’s sunny and quite cold, I am glad I brought gloves, hat and warm cloths.

I am here on a business trip, to present all the products that have been introduced during this year. The HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER RUBY™, the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery design collections, the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® accessories, and of course the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ Embroidery system. Everything that is new!

I have taken some pictures from the shop here at Iceland, as it has been nicely decorated with ideas for the Holidays. Take a look and get inspired.

Hope you all like the new Holiday Campaign “Sew a Holiday-Ready Home!” , and maybe you have started to sew the “Christmas Eve Snowfall Quilt”? I hope you have!

As promised I have been writing the instruction for the little tag on the backside of the quilt, as it is important to put a date of when you did sew it. Here it is for you to download, both as an instruction and as an embroidery design. The tag has been made using the 5D™ Embroidery software. This is one of the new features that allow you to use two small mini designs in Encore on a shape.

I long to get started with some Holiday project too!

Happy Sewing!

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Sew a Holiday-Ready Home!

November 12, 2010, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

Now I can finally tell you what we have been working with during several weeks – the Holiday campaign: Sew a Holiday-Ready Home! I’ve had tons of fun, while creating, and sewing all the holiday projects. Check out the first sewing project, the Christmas Eve Snowfall Quilt, and start sew today so you can become a HUSQVARNA VIKING® Sewers Choice!

I love the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot! It is perfect for quilting, and made the sewing of the quilt so easy and the result was great. It is also a great help if you are sewing on velvet, stretch fabrics, fake leathers and fabrics that does need precise pattern matching. It can be used for almost all your sewing. It comes with two different Feet, the Straight Stitch Foot and the Zigzag Foot. Beside that we have now got three optional Feet to use with the Dual Feed Foot. Try them at your nearest dealer!

Yesterday I did sew a pair of curtains for my daughter’s room (long narrow panels) within no time by using the Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot again. I love it. I did sew 10 yards and I got a perfect seam, the top layer and the bottom layer of the fabric was even when the seam was coming to an end.

This will be a surprise for her when she comes home; she has been with my sister’s family this week, as they have had autumn holiday from school. Here is how the curtains in her room looks.

Next week I’ll show you have to create the Quilt Label I did for the Christmas Eve Snowfall Quilt. So don’t miss that

Happy Holiday Sewing!

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November 5, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Overlock, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

Last week we got the first snow! It didn’t stay for long, but made as all aware of the coming, winter season. Time to make sure we have winter tires on our cars, hats, gloves, and winter coats for the whole family.

I sewed a second dress using the same pattern as you saw last week. This time I used a heavy knit. The fabric is looking like it has been hand knitted. I wanted to use the HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCK™ S25 overlock to sew it, but found out that it was very difficult to sew as it was almost too heavy to feed the fabric into the overlock. I solved it by using a cotton ribbon, and added that in the seam. There is a small hole on the front of the standard presserfoot, which is meant to be used for adding ribbons in the seam. I added the ribbon on the shoulder seams, and on halfway down on the side seams. It made a big difference, as the ribbon makes it much easier to feed through and more stable. (Also on the HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCK™ S21 and S15 standard foot you can add a ribbon in the same way.)

Here is the fabric, the ribbon and how to apply the ribbon while sewing.

Here is my second dress:

I will need to sew some more outfits as I will be out travelling soon. I have been looking at a new HUSQVARNA VIKING ® Design Collection # 228, “Cutwork Tecniques”. Wonderful three-dimensional cutwork embroideries, I love the new Tip- Embellish your embroideries with the cut outs for a 3D Effect. I simply have to try, I’m “sew” excited.

 wish you will all have a great Halloween weekend!

Happy Sewing


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Keep It Simple!

October 29, 2010, Posted in Inspiration, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

Most of us sewers do have plenty of projects going on at the same time (and a bunch of UFO’s= Un-Finished Objects). It sometimes feels like the end result will get even better if the project “rests” a little bit, I think that’s quite common. Because sometimes it takes a bit of figuring out how to decorate or how to put it all together. I am certain that is why I have a few things going on at the same time! To be honest, I have not yet finished the checkered dress, but I desperately wanted to have a new dress, what do I do?

Of course I sew a new dress, but I did keep it extremely simple. I used a Burda Pattern# 7580 that I like a lot. The fabric made all the difference this time. A wool fabric, it has lace on one side and a plain grey color on the backside. Fantastic fabric and I used it like you can see on the pictures. 

I did use the grey backside as a décor on the edges of the sleeves, neckline and the hem of the dress. Stitched in place with a three step zigzag 7 mm wide, using the B-Foot. B-Foot is the best to use for this purpose as it has a groove underneath which accommodate the stitch and therefore it is also feeding the fabric better. Too warm? No, not too bad as it is short sleeves on the dress.

I’m “sew” happy with my new dress, and I have already decided to make a second one, as it was so quick.

A new design collection has been launched for the Texture Hoop! I know there are many of you who have been waiting for this. The texture hoop is such a creative tool. Very much outside the box! I love it. Please take a look at the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® Design Collection #231, “Textured Quilting II”. There are Christmas ornament designs, quilting embroideries, endless embroideries and the fun option to decorate the embroideries using ribbons and fabric. 

Next week I will share some fun things, come back to see what it is! And Halloween is coming up!

Happy Sewing


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Raising Flowers!

October 15, 2010, Posted in Embroidery, Inspiration by  Lena Kantis

At least in Sweden that is totally the wrong season for that, but I am not talking about real flowers, we have a new very exciting HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Design Collection # 225 Raising Flowers, to share with you.

It’s three dimensional flowers, wonderful to use for decorating. Use it as a brooch on any of your garments, on a bag or on your home decorations. I love the way Carina has used the flowers on a lamp shade, it is absolutely beautiful.

 My colleague Karin has made a bag and you can see that this embroidery has got the satin stitch around the edge.

I have added plenty of pictures so you can see the steps how to create them. I embroidered the flowers on three different kinds of fabric.

What is so special is that you have the option to choose whether you want the flowers to be stitched with a raw edge, i.e. a running stitch as a finish or if you prefer a satin stitch around the petals. I would say that it does depend on the fabric as well, how it will behave with a raw edge.

The tips of the week!
All HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery design collections can easy be viewable from the Online Embrodiery Catalogue. (You can find the link to the catalogue on the embroidery collection page). If you are looking for something specific, you can click on the search button and type what you are looking for, and the catalogue will suggest the embroidery collections that match your search.

Happy Sewing until next week!


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