Quick tablecloth!

June 25, 2012, Posted in Accessories, Home Dec, SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

To add more personality, make your sewing project in your favorit color and joyful fabrics.

Our apartment in China was already furnished when we moved in. To make it more personalised I have started to sew some small items. First thing, is this table cloth in my favorit color turquoise. I cut all pieces 5 inches by 5 inches and created a small square.

I will add a thin layer of batting and have a dark blue fabric as backing. I will “stitch in the ditch” with the Husqvarna Viking® Presser foot “Clear Stitch-in- Ditch Foot # 412927446.
An excellent foot to use for clear visibility and sewing in the ditch.

Here is the instruction in the online Husqvarna Viking® accessory catalogou, on how to use it! 


Select page 61!

If you live in Sweden, you can participate in a sewing competition !
Find out more here:


Great prices to win!
Happy Sewing!


Gift for a Christening!

May 23, 2012, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

The most memorable gifts for a Christening last Saturday were made by Maria that is working in the marketing team.

She created two gifts, a wonderful bunny, that she embroidered using the Husqvarna Viking®Design Collection #172 “Be My Bunny”.

It is very fun to make this as you embroider piece by piece, and then sew it together. The design collection is available at http://www.myembroideries.com/MyEmbroideries/Default.aspx

Second gift was a personal Christening card using the Husqvarna Viking® 5D™Card Shop.

Amazing quality of her portrait stitch in sepia colors. The picture had been taken by a cell phone of the baby when she was newborn. It is amazing.

See how wonderful it does look.

Happy Sewing!


Back in Sweden

May 11, 2012, Posted in Embroidery, Embroidery Software, Home Dec, Inspiration, SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

After being first in China then in the USA my normal time zone is way off. It will proabably take a week to get back to normal.

In the USA I have been teaching the new Husqvarna Viking® Quilt Design Creator software. I love it! Very fun, and easy to use, and if you have not tried to add embroidery into your quilts this is a great way of starting to do that.

In Sweden we do not have any quilting frame so most of the samples was created on Husqvarna Viking® DESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe™.

Here you can see the package and some samples that I have sewn. Great to have the possibililty to use the new software for both the Quilting frame and the embroidery machines.As I was teaching the Husqvarna Viking Embroidery software, I did also finish my letter dress. This is how it does look!

I have recieved a lot of emails reagrding the instruction for the Husqvarna Viking Professional embroidery “Table cloth”. Here is the link with the instruction on hoiw to embroider it.


Wedding preparations!

March 29, 2012, Posted in Inspiration, SewFun! Blog, Sewing by  Lena Kantis

Kerstin is very busy- her daughter Josephine is getting married in June, and there are many projects that will be sewn for the wedding.

Here is the very first thing Kerstin started to make. She embroidered all the names of the guests on the napkin rings. That way it will be easy for everybody to find their seats.

Since my last blog I have been in London for one week making more videos with Sue Hausmann and Janie Lantz at our VSM software company. Guess what- there is something new exciting for you to see at the end of April!

A new Husqvarna Viking® Design Collection #246 “Shadow Lace Embroideries” is very beautiful, instead of using a lot of thread this is using fabric to enhance the design. Embroider on light weight fabrics such as tulle, or organza. Then add fabric underneath the design. It will make the design pop. I will soon try this myself.

This week I am in China for a week visiting my husband, and I am very happy as I have sent one sewing machine and an embroidery unit. I need to finish a project and would like to sew a new dress too. I will buy some fabric tomorrow.

And I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter. Here are two Easter embroidery designs that is fun to embroidery for Easter.

I think you recognize the first one, as I posted it last year, but as we have had problems with the link, I wanted to add it here again.

Second one is a sweet Bunny in a basket.

Happy Sewing!!




Amsterdam in March

March 15, 2012, Posted in SewFun! Blog by  Lena Kantis

Amsterdam in March, we were hoping to see some tulip fields but it was to early and to cold. What we did see was windmills when we drove from Amsterdam to Paris. Entering in France we could still see some snow laying on the ground between the trees.

Windmill in Holland

At our Sales company meetings we have presented a lot of new products. One of the hands-on training was on the overlock machines, showing new presserfeet. The Corded Wavy Edge Foot is fun because it it  a new technique. Cut the fabric on the bias and stitch the 3-thread rolled edge over a fishing line or  small metallic wire, to get the wavy edge, to decorate your garments or homedec projects. The Corded Wavy Edge Foot does fir the Husqvarna Viking® s21 and s25. Here is the presentation on the foot in the accessory user´s guide.

In Paris we were taken on a guided tour. Here you can see me, and my colleagues Karin and Rasmus with the Eiffeltour in the background. The Eiffeltour sparkles every full hour for ten minutes.


This week I am in London making more videos with Sue Hausmann and Janie Lantz.
Happy Sewing!




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