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I am very excited; I am going to travel next week, to be part of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® convention in Reno, Nevada (USA). I am sewing as much as possible for a trip.

Beside that I am running my Designer Diamond™ in my office, with the new HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Design Collection #234 Crouchet Creations. It will become a bolero in beige when it is done. I use a bolero that I bought to create a new pattern.

I will be teaching a 5D™ Embroidery software class this time. Great fun! I will show the project later, as it is showing a lot of features that will be available later this month. You will have a lot to look forward too!

Karin, my colleague is testing her convention class with a group of new employees.

Next week I will be writing from Reno, Nevada.

See you!

Happy Sewing!

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