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Sew a Holiday-Ready Home!

Posted By Lena Kantis On 12 November, 2010 @ 04:29 In SewFun! Blog | 1 Comment


Now I can finally tell you what we have been working with during several weeks – the Holiday campaign: Sew a Holiday-Ready Home! [2] I’ve had tons of fun, while creating, and sewing all the holiday projects. Check out the first sewing project, the Christmas Eve Snowfall Quilt [3], and start sew today so you can become a HUSQVARNA VIKING® Sewers Choice [4]!


I love the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot! [6] It is perfect for quilting, and made the sewing of the quilt so easy and the result was great. It is also a great help if you are sewing on velvet, stretch fabrics, fake leathers and fabrics that does need precise pattern matching. It can be used for almost all your sewing. It comes with two different Feet, the Straight Stitch Foot and the Zigzag Foot. Beside that we have now got three optional Feet to use with the Dual Feed Foot. Try them at your nearest dealer!

Yesterday I did sew a pair of curtains for my daughter’s room (long narrow panels) within no time by using the Interchangeable Dual Feed Foot again. I love it. I did sew 10 yards and I got a perfect seam, the top layer and the bottom layer of the fabric was even when the seam was coming to an end. [7]

This will be a surprise for her when she comes home; she has been with my sister’s family this week, as they have had autumn holiday from school. Here is how the curtains in her room looks.


Next week I’ll show you have to create the Quilt Label I did for the Christmas Eve Snowfall Quilt. So don’t miss that


Happy Holiday Sewing!

If you have any questions regarding the topic of this week, please send an email to
lena.kantis@europe.svpworldwide.com [10]

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