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So Green!

I do not know about you, but I find it so much fun to add more colors to the clothes in the spring time and it is super quick if you have an overlock.

I wanted to sew a new dress, and selected a fabric that I already had in my stash. I found a fabric in dark blue jersey fabric with dots in grey, very boring as it is, but when you add some color to it, you can create magic.

To add a bit more excitement to this fabric, I added a lime green color for the triple overlock stitches and sewed from the backside as I wanted to show us much as possible of the stitches.

I completed the look by making a belt in the same color with embroidery in the same dark blue color as the fabric.

You have to try this out for yourself. It is very easy!

  • Decide the length of you belt, my belt measured 40cm and it was 8cm wide
    (do not forget to add seam allowance). It is easier to have a bit bigger fabric, add the embroidery and then cut it in the size you prefer with a rotary cutter and a ruler.
  • Select an embroidery of your choice or decorate with buttons, or why not overlock stitches all over. I reinforced the belt with an iron on stabiliser before sewing the embroidery.
  • On my belt, I used the HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery design collection #212 “Majestic Cutwork”. The collection is created for the Majestic Hoop, but it does also include 10 bonus designs to match the larger Majestic Hoop embroideries in this fantastic collection It is easy to be creative with the smaller designs – make your own combinations. I did not use the design as cutwork. I only stitched them as they are on the belt.
  • If you want even more stability in the belt, add another layer of iron on stabiliser.

  • Stitch the seam of the long side of the belt’s right sides together.
  • Cut long strips of the fabric. I used 3 strips on full width of the fabric, one inch wide.
  • Sew the strips on the overlock with the reinforced overlock stitch, iron and fold the fabric like a belt loop and sew directly using the Standard Foot on your HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCK™ s21 or s25 (if you are using HUSQVARNA VIKING® ® HUSKYLOCK™ 936 use the Bias Tape Folder Foot, or the C-Foot).
  • On the short sides of the belt, fold and iron the seam allowance to the inside.
  • Put the ends of the three “belt loop strips” inside the short sides equally spread on the width of the belt, one on each of the outer edges and one in the middle. Pin them in place.
  • Sew the short sides using a straight stitch with a 3mm long straight stitch on your sewing machine.
  • Do the same on the other short side. You can cut the long strips when you have sewn the short sides. I divided my strips, in 1 third on one side and 2 thirds on the other. I wanted to have the knot on the side of the belt, just because it looked better.

I feel great in this new dress, it is so comfortable. I will go and buy a new fabric and sew another one in a fun color. You should try it yourself!

Happy Sewing!

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

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    Now I know who the brainy one is, I’ll keep loonikg for your posts.

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