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The Wedding Gift!

This week I will be travelling. I am going to Paris for two days for a big textile exhibition, spend one day at the office and finally spend Thursday to Sunday in Norway at the Norwegian Quilt Meeting.

The sewing project that I will show you this week is sewn by Rasmus, working here at the HUSQVARNA VIKING® office. The fun thing is that I have been listening to a program on the radio about the young generation and their ability to multitask. They practise how to do different things at the same time, listening to music, typing on the computer, etc.

I think Rasmus does know how to be multitasking. Look at the pictures, and you will see. One eye on the computer screens (as you can see he has got two screens), all the excel charts on the wall, the focus on a discussion with Jean-Paul also working here at the office, and running the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND™ machine at the same time. This is multitasking! (The reason that they both are smiling is that they were totally surprised by me interrupting their discussion with my camera.  I did not ask of permission before starting!)

One of Rasmus´s friends from Canada is getting married next week, and the wedding is held in Mexico. The gift Rasmus created for the wedding couple was a pillow with a picture of the wedding couple with a heart around, stitched as an appliqué. He also added their names and the date of the wedding. On the backside he added “Made in Sweden, by Rasmus” in yellow and blue, the same colors as our Swedish flag.

This picture was prepared in the software program HUSQVARNA VIKING® 4D Sketch, using the function of adding alignment stitches in the corners of the hoop. He also used the possibility to draw a running line around the shape of a heart to actually see that the size would fit the size of the picture so that the faces of the couple should fit perfectly. It is also important not to forget to add tie offs with a few small stitches.

The running stitch of the heart was brought into the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 4D Stitch Editor and one of the heart shapes was used to create an appliqué in the desired size. Finally, when the heart was created as an appliqué, the design was copied again and was brought into HUSQVARNA VIKING® 4D Embroidery Extra. In that software program the text with the names could be added, William and Joani, and the date of their wedding.

Rasmus printed the picture on printable fabric, using an inc copying machine. This is important since the inc will be “sprayed” into the fabric. No other copying machines will do it better. He cut out the pieces for the pillow in black linen and crated the embroideries in his office.

He did a great job don´t you think?

Have a great sewing week all of you!

PS: If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week, please just send me an email: (English only).

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