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Tjoho! is my unordinary way of saying; Good Morning when I meet people in the morning! It is fun, and everybody is looking happy when I cheer in the morning.

This week has been hectic; you can not imagine all things we are working on. We have had visitors from several countries, as we all work as a team, to get our products to be the best, and implement suggestions that we gather from you and our fellow sewers.

As a special treat, I am happy to share a fantastic quilt that has been designed and created by my colleague in the United Kingdom, Jamie Warren. I think this “Texture Hoop Quilt”, looks fabulous, and he has done such a great job with creating the border around the quilt to become perfect in size.

The Husqvarna Viking Design Collection #220 “Textured Quilting” has been used in only a few colors which do make this a master piece. I can only hope that he will share more projects when I see him again in the beginning of March.

Now I have packed my suitcase, and I am heading for Norway and will be in a fantastic city by the name of Bergen, this weekend. I am going to be part of a big customer event in a quilting shop. I will try to take some pictures for you.

Next week I will do my best to be part of making a small video on how to work with one of our new Husqvarna Viking Design collections. We have bought a better camera and plan to make more videos so it will be even more easy to use our products. Hope you will be back to see it.

Until next week,

Happy Sewing!

PS If you have any questions regarding the topic of the week please send an email to:

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  1. Posted 19 September, 2011 at 01:00 | Permalink

    Your artlice perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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