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Wheat warmer!

Posted By Lena Kantis On 30 April, 2010 @ 07:41 In Embroidery,Inspiration,Sewing | 16 Comments

A wheat warmer is such a nice thing to give away, it is a cosy friend when you are cold or when your body is aching. This is my list of some useful areas to use a wheat warmer:

  • It is superb to comfort someone that is getting chemo therapy. Put it on the arm, to take away the cold feeling when the fluid is going into the body, it helps a lot.
  • Put it in your bed, if you feel cold, it does work the same way as a warm bottle.
  • Make a small wheat warmer, to put in the cot to comfort the baby.
  • Another great use of it is for a pregnant woman. It can be made as a belt using velcro to close it. Stitch the tube, with channels to keep the wheat in several areas. It will help if you have pain in your lower back.


My colleague Ingrid has sewn this beautiful wheat warmer for a little girl that is going through chemo therapy. See the nice pictures of the wheat warmer in bright pink with an appliqué of “Hello Kitty”.

The fabric to use for this sewing project should be strong, like a linen fabric or cotton, or a mix of these two. Inside the wheat warmer, you need to find wheat that is whole wheat grains. Tip: If you like lavender, you can add some inside, to get a nice scent.
I made two wheat warmers, one is made as a square that is the same size as a Large Hoop 240 x 150mm, and the embroidery is from built in embroidery of my Designer SE. I resized the embroidery in the embroidery machine with a fantastic result. Of course you can create a wheat warmer in any shape. Make a frog, or a cat, and enjoy the warm comfort. It is fabulous.

How to heat the wheat warmer:

  • In a microwave owen, 3-4 minutes on the highest temperature.
  • If you do not have a microwave you can put it in a regular owen on a temperature of 125 degrees Celsius or 257 Fahrenheit 12-15 minutes.

It will stay warm for at least 20 minutes.

Happy Sewing!

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